Considering Upgrading From the PS4 to the PS4 Pro?

When it comes to consoles, the refresh cycle is usually a dependable 10 years. Why? Because it not only costs so much to make the machines, but the ecosystem needs to be around long enough for developers to spend their time and money investing in programming for the console.

This is why it was quite a surprise when Sony announced the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Somewhat right in the middle of the refresh cycle comes an upgrade to an already powerful machine.

But what are the benefits? Is it a full upgrade? What can you expect?

If you are considering upgrading from your PS4 to the PS4 Pro, this article has the information you’re looking for.

Processing Power

The biggest boost is obviously going to be processing power. However, in the case of the PS4 Pro, the real benefit comes from the boost to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This is the very chip responsible for keeping your games smooth and crisp and for powering all of the Virtual Reality experience you have.

While the PS4 released in 2016 includes a 1.84 Tflops AMD Radeon chip, which is more than enough to drive a solid 1080p gaming experience with Dolby 7.2 surround sound, the PS4 Pro comes with a 4.2 Tflops AMD Radeon chips.

That’s right, 4.2 Tflops of power. As you can imagine, any gaming lag you had or issues with your virtual reality experiences will be completely ironed out with this extra boost of power, providing developers get on board and adjust their games to take advantage of this new level of power.

Of course, before you start to get excited about the level of gaming you can expect, it’s important to remember that there are not a lot of games which support the PS4 natively, with many of them simply being upscaled.


When it comes to RAM, the size of the chips stay the same, but the read and write speed gets a slight bump, helping to keep your cache clear and your games lag free. The increase in speed should also lead to an improvement in the media playing and web browsing capabilities, with users being able to browse local media and visit sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Birchbox much smoother and with less lag.


Of course, it isn’t all up to the GPU and the RAM to power your games and experiences. Every console has a CPU, and boy does the PS4 Pro come with a powerful one. An improved 2.1GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar chipset runs the show for the PS4, performing all of the calculations necessary to keep aspects of your game running smooth, such as any artificial intelligence aspects along with gravity and physics recreation.


As for the included radios, they all stay the same with WiFi being available along with Bluetooth 4.0. If you were hoping for the ability to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the PS4 Pro then you are out of luck. This still remains a locked out feature, requiring you to plug your headphones into the controller.

When it comes to upgrading to the PS4 it really comes down to whether or not any of the games you enjoy playing have been tuned to utilize its power. If not, then it might be worth waiting. Of course, if you simply must have the latest and greatest, then this is the console to own.